NOVELMODELS Social Focus this week is on 1:Face Watch.

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Agency Novelmodels Elite has teamed up with 1:Face Watch as official brand ambassadors - carrying with them their mission to change the world 1:Face at a time.

See our behind the scenes photos & the making of video below…

Find out more about our collaboration and 1:Face Watch’s life changing work at

Behind the Scenes Photos by Adrenus Craton, Verginiya Yancheva and Michael Kobe Dzamesi

Models: Sofia, Roxy Violet, Matt, Vlad, Ebba, Victor, Holly, Nick, Dan, Caitlin, George and Ekow
Videographers / Sound: Jed Darlington-Roberts & Donny Johnson
Photographer: Diliana Florentin
Hair & MUA’s: Sibley Berty, Lily Gregory & Slav Anastasov

Music: Clap for ‘em by My New Bicycle
Video by Adrenus Craton Designs


Shining a bright light on the beauty of philanthropy… in a fashionable way of course!

NOVELMODELS Social Focus this week is on NIKE and the The Nike Foundation.

In 2014 we had the privilege of collaborating with Nike and our incredible team on a project called MADE TO MOVE - It was an editorial highlighting the positive social changes happening via the Nike Foundation (i.e., The Girl Effect, Designed to Move initiative and Sustainable Design). NIKE, Inc. is showing how it is handling their responsibility when it comes to finding the best solutions for athletes, their business and above all… mother earth. That’s just one of the many reasons why Nike is a Novelmodel Favourite…Thanks to our amazing team for another beautiful photo shoot - “MADE TO MOVE

Read more about the inspirations behind “MADE TO MOVE”: Fashion|One Television

See all the photos:

Team Credits
Creative Dir/Photographer - Adrenus Craton
Hair - Dexter Johnson | Toni & Guy
Makeup - Melodie Briere
Asstn.Makeup - Lily Gregory
Models: Vlad, Ebba, Nick, Dan, Sofia, Caitlin | Novelmodels Elite
Model: Emilyne Mondo
Location: Espero Studio


With fashion becoming so global, NOVELMODELS Elite is already expanding its global reach with discoveries of unique faces, talents and passion seekers. Anna-Lisa from Germany and Ekow from Ghana, have inspired the creation of NOVELMODELS Elite’s newest element, the Discovery Model.

Discovery Models™ are courageous, enthusiastic passion seekers. They are beautiful examples of what can be achieved when you make it your goal to follow your wildest dreams. They are being discovered right now, across the globe (from the Americas to Eastern Europe, from Asia to Africa and beyond).

For more info on how to become one of NOVELMODELS Elite’s Discovery Models OR to work with a Discovery Model in their various locations across the globe, please contact Discovery Models:

Name: EKOW
Location: Ghana, West Africa

Height: 5 feet 10 in
Chest: 30 in
Waist: 30 in
Shirt: 17
Shoe: 42
Favorite Color: Royal Blue

Ekow is the first male model to join NOVELMODELS Elite’s Discovery Models - Ekow is an incredibly inspiring individual. He infuses his heart and soul’s energy into everything he does, especially modelling. His passion for his work within the fashion industry speaks volumes and uplifts everyone he meets. His shares a passion for one of NOVELMODELS Elite’s most important missions, “to shine a bright light on the beauty of philanthropy” …

Thank you, Ekow!

Ekow is available for model work / fashion collaborations in Ghana, West Africa and the surrounding areas. If you will be interested in working with Ekow, please contact Discovery Models:

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