We are the world's 1st boutique mother agency (MA) whose focus is on highlighting the BEAUTY of ethical fashion and philanthropy. For over a decade, we have been pioneering the way for our next generations of purpose-driven powerful creators.

And once again, we have set our sights even higher.

NOVELMODELS, LLC is the in-house boutique mother agency for models and talent at United HOUSE Studios, Inc. We are newly headquartered in the South Central Texas area of the United States. Being the first agency of its kind since over a decade ago,  we have come a long way from our humble beginnings in Eastern Europe.

Founded in 2011, and previously known as Novelmodels Elite, we dared to be different by stretching the norms, and since then, we have been contributing to the transformation of an entire industry from the inside out.  Our first published collaboration was with Brazilian jewelry designer Jack Vartanian, and actress / producer / philanthropist Demi Moore, highlighting the mission of her DNA Foundation (now known as This set a standard for the modus operandi of all our purpose-driven outreaches, passion projects and collaborations.

Ten years later, we are still courageous, diverse, enthusiastic, passionate seekers and believers. We are not role models. We are simply the result of what can be achieved while pursuing our wildest dreams. We are pioneers, embodying a life that is in alignment with our highest collective Self.


Above all, our focus is on reimagining what it means to be a global citizen, a fashion model or a digital / traditional creator, while choosing to be an outlet that advocates for the beauty in ethical fashion and in sustainable design.

Our focus is also on raising awareness of these ideals by modeling through transformative ideas with the development and pursuit of intentional, creative collaborations and partnerships.

 We are championing philanthropic endeavors that are equally as focused on the incredible social missions that serve to transform our world for the better. How? By working closely with the most talented and socially au courant designers, models,  photographers, and creative talent there is.

What came before us were supermodels. NOVELMODELS™ is what comes next ⏤ a new era that focuses on building new paradigms, made possible through ethical fashion, sustainable design, philanthropy, and intentional, purposeful collaboration.

Novelmodels are being discovered right now, around the globe, from the Americas to Eastern Europe, from Asia to Africa... and beyond.

"As Founder, I have confidence in moving forward, our hopes and dreams have not been lost. Rather, they have been waiting for the world to discover us."

-- Adrénus Craton 


We represent unique and inspiring individuals of beautifully diverse backgrounds from around the world.

We represent  #facesfor___ socially aware brands, businesses and initiatives that have dedicated themselves to giving back to their communities. We live for the stories behind intentional product making. Ideally, clients booking our novelmodels have a  clear purpose, and one that reaches far above financial gains. Our dreams have always been based on representing #facesfor___ ethical fashion brands and designers that are contributing positively towards "paradigm shifting" love-based movements and developments. 

This is not a trend. NOVELMODELS™ is a movement. We are a lifestyle. We are a choice.

Our mission remains the same today as it did in ten years ago—to keep shining a bright light on the beauty of ethical fashion and philanthropy. This is who we are.

Novelmodels are the future. The future is NOW.   


FIRST FACES | Novelmodels Elite Alumni (circa) 2011

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