NOVELMODELS Social Focus this week is on 1:Face Watch.

Click here to watch our Official Novelmodels Elite + 1:Face Watch video

Agency Novelmodels Elite has teamed up with 1:Face Watch as official brand ambassadors - carrying with them their mission to change the world 1:Face at a time.

See our behind the scenes photos & the making of video below…

Find out more about our collaboration and 1:Face Watch’s life changing work at

Behind the Scenes Photos by Adrenus Craton, Verginiya Yancheva and Michael Kobe Dzamesi

Models: Sofia, Roxy Violet, Matt, Vlad, Ebba, Victor, Holly, Nick, Dan, Caitlin, George and Ekow
Videographers / Sound: Jed Darlington-Roberts & Donny Johnson
Photographer: Diliana Florentin
Hair & MUA’s: Sibley Berty, Lily Gregory & Slav Anastasov

Music: Clap for ‘em by My New Bicycle
Video by Adrenus Craton Designs

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