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With EVERYTHING that is happening, right now, in our inner and outer worlds (which is already A LOT to sit with)… this grassroots campaign initiative and collective effort is designed to create MORE space for the “next generation” who are here to help pull our industries into their next level of sustainable growth. For my part, it has come from within the modelling and creative industries, paving the way for novelmodels.

 NOVELMODELS, LLC is the world’s 1st boutique mother agency (MA), whose focus is on highlighting the BEAUTY of ethical fashion and philanthropy, in association with my new company, United HOUSE Studios Inc. It was founded in 2011, from a café in Eastern Europe, where the concept of “novelmodels” was born. Fast forward to London, where it was established. Then, to New York where it was reimagined. And finally, to Texas where it is fully being realised at its next level.

Since then, over a decade has gone by. Together, alongside the unstoppable current of change and movement, and within a close circle of friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances, we have been pioneering the way for our next generation of purpose-driven, powerful creators in the modelling world. NOVELMODELS agency represents #FacesFor___ ethical fashion, sustainable design, socially aware brands, and business initiatives that have dedicated themselves to giving back to their communities.

If you hear or feel something that resonates, please let us know or share! :) visit / follow @NOVELMODELS on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Novelmodels are the future. And the future is NOW.

Thank you always,

Adrénus Craton

President, Founder & CEO

United HOUSE Studios, Inc.

Executive Manager / Founder


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