SOCIAL FOCUS | Fashion Values Challenge


 The following audio is only a snippet from the final part of the Fashion Values Challenge, where innovators and creatives are asked for a quick overview of their own personal motivation. They were asked what brought them to the point of their impactful “back to nature” game changing idea or innovation for the fashion industry, and what sustainability means to them. [this was recorded in the Texas studio at around 3am, w/half an hour to go, as the 10:30am (London time) deadline approached.]

A group of Fashion and Nature advocates from diverse disciplinary, locational, professional and personal perspectives came together at a Roundtable event in January 2021 to define what Nature needs from fashion. The resulting brief asked us to respond to industry challenges that, if answered, would restore nature through fashion. Based on the Roundtable discussions, the Challenge brief was co-developed by brands, academics, NGOs, media and tech advocates, and representatives from a cross-section of the fashion industry: Centre for Sustainable Fashion (CSF) @sustfash, @kering_official, @ibm @voguebusiness.

This week, as NOVELMODELS, LLC launched its very first campaign initiative for 2021, CEO & Founder Adrénus Craton, had an opportunity to answer their call for transformational ideas across fashion design, media and technology by sharing with them the concept of #NOVELMODELS.

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