With fashion becoming so global, NOVELMODELS Elite is already expanding its global reach with discoveries of unique faces, talents and passion seekers. Anna-Lisa from Germany and Ekow from Ghana, have inspired the creation of NOVELMODELS Elite’s newest element, the Discovery Model.

Discovery Models™ are courageous, enthusiastic passion seekers. They are beautiful examples of what can be achieved when you make it your goal to follow your wildest dreams. They are being discovered right now, across the globe (from the Americas to Eastern Europe, from Asia to Africa and beyond).

For more info on how to become one of NOVELMODELS Elite’s Discovery Models OR to work with a Discovery Model in their various locations across the globe, please contact Discovery Models:

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Height: 5 feet 8 in
Waist: 60 cm
Hip:89 cm
Bust: 84 cm
Favorite Color: Yellow (Dark Blue when it comes to fashion)

Anna-Lisa is the first female model to join NOVELMODELS Elite’s Discovery Models - Anna-Lisa is the inspiration behind the inspiration. Her shared passion for one of NOVELMODELS Elite’s most important missions, has inspired the creation of our newest element, the Discovery Model .

Shining a bright light on the beauty of philanthropy” appeals a lot to me since it focuses not only on fashion itself but fashion combined with the mystery of every unique human being. If these two factors fit perfectly together, it will lead to a magic outcome of which I hopefully can be a part of.” - Anna-Lisa K.

Thank you, Anna-Lisa!

Anna-Lisa is available for model work / fashion collaborations in Germany and the surrounding areas. If you will be interested in working with Anna-Lisa, please contact Discovery

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