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NOVELMODELS Social Focus in music is on singer ILYA LAGUTENKO and his band MUMIY TROLL.Images Published Exclusively by FAULT MagazineInterview by Adrenus Craton and Victor Savkin
Photography by Adrenus Craton


Published Exclusively by FAULT Magazine
Interview by Adrenus Craton and Victor Savkin

Adrenus: You have just released your very first album in English entitled, “Vladivostok”. Describe to us your newest single from that album. What is “Love Contraband”?

ILYA: These days Russia is usually associated with vodka, spies or oil fortunes …not even ballet anymore. I guess a Russian rock band is still not a very legit term for most westerners… I have a really simple message here - we love to write and perform good songs and would love to share them with as many people as possible.

Victor: Your songs sound like a romantic declaration to the world… can you tell us from where do you draw this romanticism?

ILYA: I hate to hate anything. I would love to be able to love every single thing on the planet and beyond. I know it’s not easy. I know it is almost impossible but I am still trying to be “the Poet and not a Revolutionary”. I came from a little town on the sea, which happened to be a major Russian navy base on the Pacific. I never wanted to jump on the Trans Siberian train. I was more curious about what was behind the ocean’s horizon.

Adrenus: Why and when did you decide to release this particular album in English?…

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Bolongaro Trevor, Avelon, 22_4 Hommes Femmes by Stephanie Hahn, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, Glenn Martens, Nanthalat, Arsenicum, Cassadei and Gerbe


Creative Director / Photographer: Adrenus Craton

Model: Charlie Melchiori - NOVELMODELS Elite

Hair: Michael Marenco (sponsored by Label M)

Makeup: Cathy Widawska

Styling: Gillian Phelan

Lighting Direction: Francois Dupont & Olivier Herold

Location: Chiswick House and Gardens


Mumiy Troll, Team Bolongaro Trevor London, Victor Savkin, Cato Music, Creative Door Studios Paris, Biondini Champs Élysées, Givenchy Homme and Ramon J.Goni

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