We have stepped into a new generation of modelling where our sights have been set higher... 

NOVELMODELS™ are courageous, diverse, enthusiastic, passion seekers. They are beautiful examples of what can be achieved when you make it your goal to follow your wildest dreams. They are being discovered right now, across the globe (from the Americas to Eastern Europe to Asia to Africa and beyond).

NOVELMODELS Elite™ is the "in-house" boutique modelling agency for London HOUSE Studio


NOVELMODELS Elite™ represents more than just fashion. We are focusing on the incredible social missions that seek to change our world for the better.

We are consciously raising the awareness to some of our world's most meaningful causes. How? By working closely with the most talented and socially au courant designers, photographers, models and creative talent in the fashion industry. Above all, our Social Focus is to highlight the "beauty" of philanthropy.


Mission - To keep shining a bright light on the beauty of philanthropy... in a fashionable way of course!


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